Various causes of piles

Published Date : 24-04-2020
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The veins enlargement around the anus area, that is the main root of piles can be caused because of the following reasons.


Pregnancy: It is seen that piles can be most commonly found in pregnant women. This is the result of the enlargement of the Uterus in this period. As the Uterus of a woman increases in size with the advancement of pregnancy, it causes some pressure on the colon vein. This results in bulging of the veins causing piles.


Aging: Aging can also be a prime factor behind this disease as it is most common in people above forty-five years of age. But this strictly does not mean that piles cannot be found in children or young people.


Diarrhea: Unrelieved Diarrhea can also be a primary reason behind the occurrence of the hemorrhoids.


Chronic Constipation: The blood vessel walls experience additional pressure when you are unable to pass the stool properly.


Long sittings: If you are involved in something that requires you to sit for a longer duration of time, it can be the main cause behind the hemorrhoids. 


Heavy Lifting: Hemorrhoids can also be caused if someone is regularly engaged in lifting the weighty objects.


Anal Intercourse: This can cause the new hemorrhoids to occur or also might worsen the condition if you are already suffering from piles.


Obesity: In case you are suffering from the Obesity caused because of diet, it can also lead to hemorrhoids if not taken care of. 


Genetics: Some people inherit the hemorrhoids tendency from their ancestors.