Piles and their types

Published Date : 24-04-2020
Piles Treatment - Anti Piles Complete Resolution

Hemorrhoids or most commonly known as piles is a condition when the inflamed tissues get collected in someone’s anal canal. These consist of elastic fibers, muscles, support tissues, as well as the blood vessels. The disease can be extremely hurting and obnoxious, but these can be treated. This illness is most commonly found in older people, and the risk increases with age. The most common reason behind the occurrence of the hemorrhoids can be the enlargement or engorgement of the veins that surround the anus area. According to the type of piles you are suffering from, it can be treated either with surgery and the medicines. 



Types of Piles       
Internal Piles

This type of hemorrhoids is found inside the patient's anal. This results in bleeding and mucus discharge along with the bowel movement. It is known to be the painless type of piles. The internal tissues might also expand and reproduce outside the anus, in a grape-like structure. The expanded hemorrhoids are harmless and can be pushed back just with your fingertips. 


External Piles

These hemorrhoids are found outside the anus opening and might sometimes cause swelling and irritation in the protrusions and huge uneasiness. The discomfort and swelling are caused occasionally. It might become difficult for you to maintain the cleanliness of your anal area after the bowel movement. In case the patient faces a condition of constipation or Diarrhea. The external hemorrhoids might also start to develop some thrombosis inside them that are the clots of blood. In this kind of case, immediate pain, firmness, or swelling can be experienced near the anus rim.